A team manager and his crew

Impianti Industriali Srl is the made texture of important threads, like the muscle fibres constantly worked out, which have been patiently woven in 15 years of company life, by its chief Mr. Vittorino Caleffi and his professional staff, with their skills, experience and passion, a team manager and his crew. Mr. Caleffi has acquired 30 years experience in leading companies working in wood fiber panel sector, as a manager and technical head.

During this period the natural passion for the engineering and the mechanic, a huge knowledge of electrical fields, the typical italian creativity, the perfectionism, the care for each detail and the will to push the working instruments toward always better performances have been the ingredients used through the years in order to increase the performances of the existing machinery and realizing his new ideas for the companies he worked for, with the relationship with international leading company of machinery manufacturing and important engineering offices, where he met part of his nowadays staff.

The natural evolution was to make the dream come true to give to the disposal of his customers the plants he had increased for himself by knowing each plus and minus, signing at the end his own machinery giving them at Your disposal, taylored on Your demand. Impianti Industriali Srl is born. For Impianti Industriali the attenction for the customers is an inborn attitude and its mission is not to end a relationship with a single sale but with a lasting relationship, constantly following the demands and new challenges that the market proposes day by day.